TA5-Transnational Access to GSI

Radioactive ion beams from inflight fragmentation of heavy nuclei separated with high purity in the fragment separator FRS are available as well as secondary pion beams. The accelerators are complemented by experimental areas, equipped with modern spectrometers and detector systems, which offer outstanding opportunities for fundamental studies in hadron and nuclear matter research and in the fields of nuclear and atomic physics and plasma physics and applications. During the next years the FAIR facility (www.fair-center.de) will be built close to the GSI sites with the GSI synchrotron as injector. GSI has taken over the responsibility not only for parts of the FAIR accelerators and detectors but also for the link of the existing facilities to the FAIR complex. In addition, the existing accelerator facilities need to be upgraded for FAIR operation. The required shutdown of SIS18 has started end of 2015 and re-activation of the synchrotron is planned for 2018. Operation of SIS18 will be continued with increasing available beam time from then on until the FAIR accelerators will be commissioned.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: GSI provides ion beams of all stable elements up to uranium with energies from the Coulomb barrier up to 2 A GeV. Besides, radioactive and cooled stable beams with high charge states up to U92+ can be delivered, as well as secondary pion beams with momenta from 0.5 GeV/c to 2.5 GeV/c. The high standards of the accelerators are complemented by a large number of technically highly advanced experimental facilities. In particular in the field of hadron physics, GSI provides the following equipment:

  • High-Acceptance Di-Electron Spectrometer HADES has recently been upgraded to run at highest beam intensities enabling data rates up to 50 kHz in Au+Au collisions and will be further extended by the installation of an electromagnetic calorimeter;
  • secondary beam facility for pion beams in the 0.5 to 2.5 GeV/c momentum range;
  • mCBM: a full-system test-setup for CBM at SIS18;
  • Fragment separator FRS for high precision studies of exotic states (hyper nuclei, resonances etc.); large area detector laboratory with high-tech equipment for detector R&D including detailed testing, specialized for various detector technologies;
  • electronic laboratory for high-tech high-performance read-out electronics;
  • high performance computing infrastructure

The accelerator facilities at GSI are serving 200 own and 1300 external users each year (2014, 800 national and 700 international).

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Lead beneficiary: GSI - Germany
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