44) University of Glasgow

The Nuclear and Hadron Physics Group in the University of Glasgow is focused primarily on experimental hadron physics and it is the largest hadron physics group in the UK. Its staff, postdocs and postgraduate students work on experiments at TJNAF in all four of its halls and in hall A2 at the Mainz Microtron in Germany. The group’s research activities in hadron physics are split mainly between nucleon structure and hadron spectroscopy at all stages of the experiment: from conception and simulation, to detector and target design and construction, to data-taking and analysis. The group has several collaborative projects with phenomenologists and hadron theorists and is taking the lead on consolidating UK involvement in the EIC. Additionally, some members of the group are active in applications of nuclear physics instrumentation, with a number of projects in medical imaging and a recent spin-off company constructing muon tomography detectors for radioactive waste.

UGLASGOW has specific roles in JRA6-Next-DIS, JRA7-HaSP and JRA14-MPGD_HP.

UGLASGOW has the responsibility of JRA6-Next-DIS (Daria Sokhan, Francesco Bossu).

EC funds in JRA6-Next-DIS, JRA7-HaSP and JRA14-MPGD_HP.



30 October 2019


  This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824093
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