DISCO-Dissemination and Communication

The DISCO Work Package will be led by INFN, with the support of a Dissemination Board (DB). The DB (10 members) will be named by the Executive Board. Its members will be representatives of the various WPs and of industrial partners. A key-figure, a science journalist (or similar) expert in science dissemination and communication and a representative of interested industries will also be part of the DB.
Effective dissemination and communication is a core activity of STRONG-2020 in many complementary ways. We will work to maximize the impact of STRONG-2020 on communities working in strong interaction physics, both theoretically and experimentally. We will foster raising a new, wide, awareness and interest in the topics of the project and stimulate new endeavors going far beyond the context defined by STRONG-2020 Work Plan, contributing to Horizon 2020 objectives with a genuinely European effort, which extends to the global world, leading to new initiatives. DISCO will greatly take advantage of the communication skills of its members to engage in dynamic dissemination and communication activities, raising the attention of the public, stimulating the interest of the media, and also addressing gender balance and gender dimension items aiming to attract more female scientists towards this sector in the near future. In concrete, the tasks of this Work Package will be:
Task 1: Realization of activities with impact on the scientific community of specialists in strong interaction physics, which will include: meetings among various WGs, publications and reports distributed on the STRONG-2020 webpage. A Workshop: “Present and future perspectives in Strong Interaction Physics in the 21st Century”, opened also to participants outside the STRONG-2020 community, will be organized. A Newsletter to be sent to the participants to the project will be realized and published every three months.
Task 2: Realization of activities with impact on the wider scientific community, such as (but not limited to): publications of the general findings of the project and at the STRONG-2020 research infrastructures in top journals with high impact on overall scientific community; participation to conferences and workshops attended by a broad scientific audience; exploration of dissemination channels offered by participating Institutions.
Task 3: Realization of activities with impact on general public, such as (but not limited to): dedicated STRONG-2020 web-page for public; participation to the Open Labs and Women in Science Day in the involved institutions and to the European Researchers nights with dedicated activities; seminars and conferences in schools, universities and public sites; hands-on experiments in the framework of stages for students; dedicated video-channel for presentation the STRONG-2020 activities, transnational research infrastructures and participants; publications in social media (Facebook, Instagram); promote articles in newspapers and press releases.
Task 4: Realization of activities with impact on potential partners in industry, such as (but not limited to): technical reports containing innovation in technology resulting from STRONG-2020 for the potential industrial partners; meetings, symposia, visits and discussions both in the institutes and research infrastructures participating in STRONG-2020 and in the potentially interested industry partners.
Task 5: Realization of activities with impact on policy makers, such as (but not limited to): realization of documents summarizing STRONG-2020 findings and perspectives, beyond the project deadline, to be distributed at national, European and international levels; visits of policy makers to the STRONG-2020 research infrastructures and laboratories; communication with the European Commission.

Work Package: 2
Lead beneficiary: INFN - Italy
Spokespersons: Catalina Curceanu

  This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824093
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