Management structure

Governing Board (GB)

The Governing Board is the decision-making and arbitration body of the Consortium. It is composed of one representative per Party. The GB is chaired by an elected Beneficiary representative. The GB provides critical feedback to the Management Team concerning the overall progress of the Project including the working plan, budget, withdrawal of involvement or new participants.

The Coordinator

The Coordinator is the legal entity acting as the intermediary between the Parties and the Funding Authority and will perform all tasks assigned to it as described in the Grant Agreement and in the Consortium Agreement.

Management Team (MT)

The Management Team is responsible for all scientific and administrative coordination of the Project. The Management Team is composed of the Scientific Coordinator, a full time recruited European Project Manager (EPM) and the relevant CNRS support offices.
The Scientific Coordinator might be assisted by a Deputy Scientific Coordinator (nominated by the Scientific Coordinator).

Executive Board (EB)

The EB is composed of members representing the scientific community and nominated by the Coordinator. The EB is chaired by the Scientific Coordinator and works in close collaboration with the Management Team. The role of the EB is to foster and monitor the implementation of the project.

Work Package Coordination Board (WPCB)

Each Work Package has a spokesperson and an internal steering committee to manage and coordinate activities. The WPCB is composed of all Work Package spokespersons and the Managemenet Team. The WPCB follows up on the implementation of activities and provides feedback to the management and to the community. The WPCB is chaired by the Scientific Coordinator.

Facility Coordination Panel (FCP)

The role of the FCP is to reinforce the links with real and virtual infrastructures of the Project and to harmonise the rules of access. It is composed of representatives of the Parties providing transnational access, virtual access and chaired by the Scientific Coordinator. The FCP will make recommendations to the EB for allocation of financial support in the framework of STRONG-2020 taking into account the procedures and rules of the local Programme Advisory Committees and the scientific excellence criteria.

Dissemination Board (DB)

The dissemination management will be performed through the dedicated WP DISCO. The DB is chaired by the DISCO spokesperson and is composed of members nominated by the Executive Board and representative of different domains within STRONG-2020, industrial partners and an expert in science dissemination and communication. The DB works in close collaboration with the Management Team.

  This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824093
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